AMPS vs. OHMS is $250.00 a day. “What is a day” you ask? In short, a day equals about 10 hours with adequate time for meal, bathroom, an ear recalibration breaks. Sessions generally start sometime between 10 AM and Noon, but the start time is really up to you and the amount of Red Bulls you plan on bringing to the session. These rates are for any work done at the studio, be it tracking, mixing, mastering, or waiting for you to show up. Half-day and hourly rates are available upon request.

We accept cash, money orders, and checks. If you need to pay via credit card, we accept payments through PayPal, but beware that there is an extra 4% added to your bill to cover the PayPal fees. We also believe in the barter system and occasionally we’ll accept payment in the form of sweet amps, microphones, preamps, compressors and other gear, but please don’t budget your session based on the stack of broken Behringer crap lying in the corner of your practice space. We have somewhat discerning taste.

110-120 Brookline St.
Suite 8
Cambridge, MA